Simple Recycling - Clothing & Household Goods

Don't Throw it Out - Recycle it with a NEW program

As of July 17, 2017,  residents are now able to use a new curbside recycling service that specializes in clothing, shoes and housewares.

Simple Recycling, based out of Solon, Ohio, will pick up the recyclable materials on residents’ regularly scheduled recycling day. Special orange bags will be mailed to all Coon Rapids residents as they begin the program. The orange bags can be filled with your recyclable clothing, and reusable shoes and housewares. The bags can then be placed at the curb near your recycling bins by 7 a.m. on pickup day. Upon pick-up, Simple Recycling will supply homeowners with more orange bags to continue participating in the program. There is no charge for this service and no registration is required.

What can be recycled?
The program accepts both reusable and non-reusable clothing (non-reusable clothing is heavily stained, torn, etc.), and reusable shoes and housewares. The types of housewares that can be recycled include silverware, dishes, pots/pans, backpacks, pillows, mirrors, etc. See a complete list at

Simple Recycling
Simple Recycling

How do I receive additional bags?
To request additional orange bags, email Simple Recycling at , visit the company’s website at or call 1-866-835-5068. For a limited time, the Coon Rapids Recycling Center also has extra bags you can come pick up. The recycling center is located at 1831 111th Ave.

What happens to the material I donate?
Top quality materials are sorted and sold to local thrift stores, which makes up just 10-20% of the donated items. 80% of the clothing collected is not able to be re-sold in the U. S. so it is sorted for international export or broken down for raw materials. Items are then converted to wiping rags, post-consumer fiber used in carpet padding and made into raw materials for the automotive industry.

What happens if I have a missed pick up?
If your items are missed for some reason, call the company at 1-866-835-5068. Please remember to place your donation items out at the curb by 7 a.m. on your regular recycling pickup day (which is every other week for residents of Coon Rapids).

Is my donation tax deductible?
When recycling items through Simple Recycling, your items are not considered a donation and therefore are not tax deductible.

More background information
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average person throws away 68 pounds of clothing, shoes, and housewares each year, which accounts for up to 15 percent of the residential waste stream. Simple Recycling encourages residents to recycle these reusable items, giving them a second life and keeping them out of landfills.