Forestry Division

Coon Rapids takes great pride in its shade tree program. Trees planted on boulevards, in parks and other public property enhance the quality life for Coon Rapids residents.

The Forestry Division:
  • Implements our Shade Tree Disease Control Program
  • Landscapes and reforests our public lands and parks
  • Maintains public forested trail systems
  • Maintains publicly owned trees and shrubs, boulevards and streetscaping
  • Provides assistance to residents regarding forestry related issues

National Arbor Day and Annual Tree Sales

Coon Rapids is dedicated to assisting residents with forestry education and environmental awareness programs such as the annual National Arbor Day celebration. National Arbor Day is celebrated each year on the last Friday in April.

The annual Arbor Day tree sale assists residents in acquiring a tree for their property at a nominal fee. Residents choose from a wide selection of bare root trees which can be pre-ordered through our Forestry Division.

The Forestry Division can assist in answering many forestry related questions. Contact the City Forester by email or by phone at 763-767-6455.

Forestry and Landscape Resources: