Recycling and Sustainability

About the Recycling Program

The Recycling Division is actively involved in recycling as mandated by the state’s Select Committee on Recycling and Environment (SCORE). This program is unique in that it is city operated, but funded from a State SCORE grant. Our focus is on residential and small business recycling and our programs are set up to help each with every aspect of recycling and waste reduction. 

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What's NEW:

  • You may see some changes to the layout of the Recycling Center. Watch for sorting areas to be moved to new locations and sorting methods may be slightly different. This is due to the constant changes within the marketplace and our need to adapt. Our staff will be happy to assist you with these new changes!

Anoka County Recycling App

Have you discovered the Anoka County Recycling APP? This tool is great for answering your questions about recycling various items. Download the app today for Apple or Android devices.

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Anoka County APP

Plastic Bags - Why you can't put them in the curbside bin

We get a lot of questions about plastic bags at the Recycling Center.

May I put my recyclables in plastic bags and throw them in my curbside bin? NO.
May I put plastic bags by themselves in my curbside bin? NO.
May I bring plastic bags by themselves to the Coon Rapids Recycling Center? YES!
You will also find plastic bag recycling boxes at many retail stores.
What is the best way to put recyclables in my curbside cart? LOOSE (or if you must have them in something as you sort them, use paper bags. But it's better to dump those recyclables out of the paper bags, and put them loose in to the cart)

Please watch the video below to fully understand why plastic bags cannot go in your curbside bin. The video does a great job of explaining what we can all do to help the recycling industry!