Apartment & Multi-Unit Recycling

Recycling Requirements

In Coon Rapids, there are over 6,600 apartments, condominiums, quads, and townhouses. By state law you must be able to recycle 4 broad types of materials at your complex including:
  • Cans
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Plastic
Check with your apartment manager for types of items and preparation of materials that can be recycled at your building.

Recycling Steps

Here are a few easy steps to making recycling an smooth process for all:
  • Rinse containers
  • Take your recyclables to the central collection area
  • Flatten moving boxes for recycling or offer the used boxes to a friend
  • Keep recycling area clean and free of litter

MN GreenCorps Member Working to Improve Multi-Units

Coon Rapids has been awarded a second GreenCorps member to continue work started by Tanya Feldkamp on apartment recycling. Tanya worked on a pilot project with the City of Fridley to install better signage on trash and recycling containers at local apartment buildings. The goal was to differentiate the containers and educate residents about acceptable recyclables. They are magnetic and feature large pictures and minimal text, providing a big improvement.

Our staff will continue to work on this project by auditing and ranking all the multi-unit buildings in the city and comparing to 2016 data. The 2017 comparable data can be viewed here.

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