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1. How do I learn about employment opportunities?
2. When do I submit an employment application?
3. How do I apply for an open position?
4. May I apply for more than one position?
5. Can I submit a resume instead of completing a City application?
6. The job I’m interested in isn’t listed. Can I still complete an application?
7. How do I determine if I qualify for a particular job?
8. I am a veteran. How do I apply for veteran’s preference?
9. When are completed applications due?
10. How does Human Resources determine if I qualify for the job?
11. How often are new jobs posted?
12. If I apply and am not hired for a position, will I need to reapply for future openings?
13. When will I be contacted?
14. I saw a job opening online but did not apply. Now the listing is not online. Am I still able to apply?
15. I’m interested in a Community Service Officer position. What qualifications do I need?
16. What qualifications do I need to apply for a Police Officer position?
17. How can I become a Coon Rapids Firefighter?